The Top 10 Games That Made 2016 Less Of A Trash Fire

I'm not the first and certainly not the last but 2016 has been an abysmal year. For many women of my age we watched one childhood hero suffer a stunning defeat and another leave the world for the sublime party David Bowie started in the stars at the beginning of the year. How ever 2016 has been pretty great in terms of Video Games.  Here is the list of games that made 2016 feel less like a sentient being hellbent on destroying our hopes and dreams.  


This creepy and dark puzzle game is the strongest case for shorter games I’ve seen in a long while. The story and the game play never get tired or repetitive and the puzzles at times can be challenging.  This game’s ending is well crafted and sticks the landing in a world where games tend to fall off towards the end.  


Stardew Valley 

This farming simulator scratched the itch of wanting a 16bit Harvest Moon game.  I love the town and the characters. However I hate the fishing. My other disappointment in this game is that I tend to reset it so often I haven’t had a chance to make a lasting impression with my townfolk or get married to that dreamboat Sebastian. 


Dark Souls 3 

I love to hate Dark Souls. Much like my run with bloodborne in 2015 I played dark souls 3 for about 30 hours. No where near enough time for my scrub skills to finish the game but I did get farther in this than I had in any previous souls game. Maybe one year when actual life is so freaking great I’ll subject myself to finishing this and Bloodborne. 


Animal Crossing New Leaf Hello Amiibo. 

While this isn’t a “new” game. The massive update to 2013’s Animal Crossing New leaf gave me a reason to pick up one of my favorite games of all time. ACNL has been just the kind of game I want to escape into when I have hit my limited on news about President Elect Clownshoes. 



Unlike most people I know I have slowly but surely consuming doom. Sweeping each level for all of it’s secrets and treasures. I have been enjoying reading the codex and items descriptions. so my Journey on mars will extend into next year but I want to get everything i can from this awesome game. 


This beautiful romp thru 80’s national park is heartfelt and sad. It has some of the best most fully fleshed out characters of the year. it’s hard for me to get into this too much for fear of spoiling this adventure for those that haven’t watched. 


Style Savvy: Fashion Forward  

This is the third game in the Style Savvy serious. As an avid fan of Trendsetter I was super excited when Nintendo FINALLY brought this third game over. The story in this game is bazaar and strange but fun. I also enjoy the added ability to model on top of doing fashion shows and owning the boutique. The dollhouse with in a dollhouse is strange but also enjoyable I love being able to save up to buy the perfect little things for my room. The addition of using the 3ds clock is the only kinda bummer for me. 


Pokemon Sun and Moon 

As someone who missed the Pokemon boat as a teen. (my mother thought they were creepy) I have been loving Pokemon X for quite a while. And this summers smash hit Pokemon Go captured me in ways it didn’t seem to stick with my friends. So the perfect cosmic storm of needing distraction from the outside world and my growing love for catching and collecting pocket monsters has turned into a 45 hour and going love affair with Pokemon Moon. I dig moon and I love the reversed day night cycle. BUT i do wish i could get the Alolan Volpix. I guess I’ll have to venture into the wild world of pokémon trading in 2017 


This is the game I have spent the most time with this year. Normally with shooters I will bounce off the Multiplayer soon after the release. But Overwatch keeps me coming back. The events have been fun and the skins have been for the most part amazing. The community surrounding overwatch has been creative and lively and fun. I often find myself when having a bad day sitting down and clearing my head with a few matches of quick play. at almost 200 hours of time sunk into this game I am still not tired and still excited to see what they have in store for us in year 2. 

Fire Emblem Fates.

Ok so i was a late to the fire emblem awakening party. and while Chrom is still my husbando I love really do love the sad war torn characters of Fire Emblem Fates. Awakening I only really wanted to marry Chrom. In Fates I have had two husbands so far (Silas and Xander) and I can think of two other boys I want to romance as well. I also enjoy the differences in game play that birthright and conquest have. There are draw backs to the some of the modes the lack of grinding and therefore relationship building in conquest is kind of a bummer.  But overall i have spend over 100 hours between birthright and conquest and the final chapter is my first game to play in 2017. I cannot wait to see how fire emblem does on the nintendo switch. 

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