Mid-summer Sewing Goals

Where oh were has June gone. It seems just last week that the summer was slowly creeping in and now it's almost July.  Today I'd love to talk about my mid-summer sewing plan! I love sewing dresses, but this summer I would like to branch out in to shorts. So let's start there. 

These beautiful shorts have such interesting pleats I would love to make a pair of view A. I love the beautiful pleats down the front of them, 

 Top Left -  Premiere Prints Twill ,  Top Right -  Premiere Print Twill , Bottom Left -  Essex Yarn Dyed , Bottom Right - premere prints 

Top Left - Premiere Prints Twill,  Top Right - Premiere Print Twill, Bottom Left - Essex Yarn Dyed, Bottom Right -premere prints 

I know for sure that I will make a pair out the lovely essex yarn dyed. I have a washi dress and a  skirt made out of it and I cannot wait to have a pair of shorts (or 2) out of that fabric as well. I love the linen/cotton blend. I would like to make patterned pair as well, but it's just so hard to choose between the ikat and the polka dot. 

Bianca Top 

Yesterday I shared with you the Bianca Dress I made. I simple love this neckline and would love to make a few blouse to go with shorts or jeans come fall. 

 Top left -  Interweave Chambray in lake  Top Right  Busy Bee in Yellow   Bottom Left  Triangle Token  Bottom Right  hapi voile

Top left - Interweave Chambray in lake Top Right Busy Bee in Yellow  Bottom Left Triangle Token Bottom Right hapi voile

This prints just scream make me into a top.  I love the Triangle and think it could be fun to style in the depth of winter as well! The lake Chambray is currently sitting on my dining room table waiting to be cut into. I think I may do a little white floral embroidery around the opening of the neckline. 


Winifred Dress 

This is a dress I recently stumbled across and has been showing up in my dreams ( please tell me I'm not the only one who dreams about dresses i want to sew) I love the collar and the short sleeves. But those two front pleats sealed the deal I don't have many dresses with pleats. I can see this dress in all kinds of fabrics but for this summer I am dreaming of very vintage florals and whimsical novelty prints . 

I am in love with the kitten fabric. Seriously it's the perfect shade of blue and who doesn't want a cat dress? I also love the cracking code fabric the photo doesn't do the shade of pink justice. It is perfect for when you have just a bit of a tan. 

Well this should keep me busy for the next few weeks. What are your sewing or even outfit goals for summer?