Style it Twice: 501s


My boyfriend picked up a pair of 501 shrink to fits this week. And it got me thinking how cute they could be styled for women too. I am hoping to grab a pair this week while they are still on sale.  I thought it could be fun to do a style it twice. I wanted to make sure that it was appropriate for portland rainy fall weather. 

Left Side - Modern Flapper  (from top to bottom.) 

Floral Top - Uniqlo

Black Cardigan - Uniqlo

Glasses - Bonlook

Lipstick- Marc Jacobs Beauty

Earrings- Betsy and Iya  

Bag - Philip Lim ( did you see their is gonna be a 35 dollar target version of this bag! EEK)  

Boot- Jeffery Campbell

Hat- Goorin Bros


Right Side Classic heritage  (from top to bottom) 

Long Woven Oxford - Aerapostale

Glasses - Bonlook   ( I have these glasses in black and they are my favorite pair by far! so comfortable) 

Jacket - Barbour

Lipstick - Urban Decay  

Bracelet- Marc by Marc Jacobs  

Bag - Louis Vuitton  

Shoes - Bean Boots