Fall Sewing Part 1: Dresses

Hey everyone! it's been awhile since I talked about what's going on in the beehive! I have been sewing lots of bags lately. I made a for pleats sake a while back and I am almost finished with a Noodle-head Super tote. I plan on using the super tote as my knitting bag! I am so excited to have a dedicated knitting bag again after always just throwing project bags into what ever purse i am using. I am also looking forward to trying out a few new patterns that I have purchased! So lets look at my fall sewing plan! 




The Painted Portrait Dress by Anna Maria Horner I plan on making this lovely pattern in a few dresses and tops for the fall! I've seen this pattern a bunch but I never really wanted to make one until I saw the lovely one that Christine Hayes made for her upcoming class!  I have three fabric choices running around in my brain! 


The Staple Dress by April Rhodes. 

I have two of these dress that I made this spring and I live in them! I need some fall ones. I love wearing them with tights and bean boots! I can't wait to add 2 or 3 more to my closet! I am determined to make one out of rayon and with the high low hem!   Here are the 2 fabrics I can't stop obsessing about seeing this dress in! 


The Ruby Dress by Made by Rae . I am obsessed with the washi dress. (i've sewn 5 already!) So when she released her new pattern I had to make it the second I got my hot little hands on it! I made my test sew of this the other day and it is AMAZING! it seriously is so cute and comfy! I can't wait to pile cardigans and tights on with this lovely dress Also check out what other lovelyness is on the way from her! I cannot wait!  while I'm waiting I think I'll whip up these amazing amazing fabrics! 



  Fort Firefly by Tegan White    Contrasting Yoke in brown Lace and voile  

Fort Firefly by Tegan White 

Contrasting Yoke in brown Lace and voile  

I'll be back tomorrow with A tiny bee and friday with the Fall sewing plan for Seperates!! Do you have any fall sewing planned? What is your favorite thing about fall fashion?