Summer fun


1. Bike rides to Coffee Shop

2. Sunshining on my local pizza and coffee joint.

3. Collin and Abalard

4. Collin and Macintosh

5.An awesome baseball Field Notes set from Collin (who hates baseball)


6. Local Bakery owners new book… I want to veganize EVERYTHING.

7. Lots of Thai food during the heat wave because it was just too darn hot to cook

8. Sewing Project #1

9. Fliming of Portlandia at my favorite yarn shop in town

10. Sewing Project #2 (yes I cut my patterns, yes I know this makes me a bad person)

11. Macintosh has to wear the cone of shame.  (he cracked his toe nail, and won't stop licking it)


The Summer has flown by.  Heat wave after heat wave this last month or so.  I am sort of looking forward to the rainy season. I am looking forward to sewing up some new dresses for sure! Between Sewing and Baking and Out of town friends and Open Mics, the last part of the summer has felt very full.  Collin and I are getting ready for a few shows the first one is at the end of the month. I am excited to sing back up and shake an orange.