Sewing like a 4 year old.


I have no idea what causes me to lose all of my abilities to sew when I get a new machine. My ability to cut things or sew things in a straight line goes right out the window. I don't know if it is that I am so excited about my new toy that I can't contain myself or what.


Here she is basking in the rare sunshine that streams in my studio in the late afternoon. Her name is Jean after Jean Seberg. Yes I am a 29 year old with a Hello Kitty sewing machine. She is like a little reminder of my super kitschy Hello Kitty kitchen.


I am just glad that it isn't like painted to look like Hello Kitty or god forbid shaped like Hello Kitty. (that exists!!) That little Hello Kitty face is starting to grow on me.


Having my sewing machine has made me a little craft table a very productive place today.


I need to get some better stuffing for my adorable little teacup cross stitch pin cushion. This is one of the more useful things I've made lately!


If you checked out my Tutorial out on Snapguide then you may recognize that little anchor pattern. I thought it would add a bit of cuteness to my chevron clutch. I am using this as an iPad/keys/wallet catch all to put in my bike basket. I wish that it was a little bit straighter but I always know the first project on a new machine will be a bit wonky. So tomorrow I am hoping to get a zipper foot so I can make a zipper version of this clutch. I also would like to work on a project for my bike. We'll see if I can remember I need swedish tracing paper.