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My new duck canvas tote from @baggu I think I may need a few other colors!!!!


1. The westside of Portland from the east side esplanade.

2. My New Baggu Bag, full review to come!

3. leafy green

4. My bike in the furthest it has ever been from the apartment.

5. Waiting for a train to pass is 10 times worse on your bike.

6.Bike Bar, this place has 75 bike places and…

7. Red Velvet Beer.

8. Woodlawn Coffee shop, decked out for spring.

9.More Baggu.

10.some bikeway love in NE Portland's Woodlawn neighborhood.

Sorry this is a day late I have been having some issues with Squarespace and My Blogging Client, Flickr seems to have solved what ever issue they were happen, back to regularly scheduled post later today.