Hello my name is Spencer. 

I’m a midwestern girl making the west coast her home. I grew up in a small town outside of Chicago. I wound up going to collage in southern California! (go bruins) and eventually made my way up the coast to make  beautiful, but rainy, Portland, Oregon my home. Like most people I have a very eclectic group of things that make me happy. My blog is a way to share all of those things with you. Each topic has it’s own blog so if you love vegan cooking and think pop culture is the pits you can just sign up for the RSS of the Vegan section.  If you want to keep up with all the crazy things I am up to you can sign up for the Journal RSS.

I share my adorable little house with one Charming Boyfriend and two sweet miniature dachshunds. When not wrangling puppies, I can be found sewing, knitting, drinking way to much coffee and biking all over town. 12oz Beehouse is a collection of handmade fashion, vegan baking, and other assorted pretty and lovely things. 

 Thanks For Stoping by.