Simple Goals Month 2 Week One : 30 Days of Yoga

Hey Everyone, 

Soooo I just looked up at my clock and realized that it was 11:31pm on Monday... and that I hadn't posted my Simple Goals for the week... or Last week cause I was feeling under the weather. SO for the month of February I am planning on doing a 30 days of yoga challenge.  I feel at my best and most creative when I am running and doing yoga. Running is a challenge the days cause my knees have seen better days. But I've got a little mini elliptical and yoga. So here is a quick list of the best 30 days of yoga challenges on You Tube. I am planning to do Yoga With Adriene this month. I hope to try them all out thru the year!  So what's your goal for February? (Can you believe it is February all ready!!!) 

Yoga with Adriene 

Bad Yogi 

Do You Yoga





Simple Goals week 3- Skincare tools

As I get older I find that I need more tools to keep my skin in check… Brushes, sponges, extractors OH MY! Here are my 4 favorites that I am trying to incorporate into my routine this week. 

Clarisonic Mia 2 

This little expensive face brush is such a game changer. For YEARS i debated do I really need it? then once I got it I wondered why I waited so long. The only thing is I have to use it every morning. I see a little bit of improvement if I use it a few times a week. However when I use this thing in the morning every morning the difference is very noticeable.  This week I’m gonna be diligent and make sure I get my Clarisonic on!  Word of warning your skin may not be able to handle everyday so be willing to get experimental when you get your hands on this baby! 

Conair True Sauna 

As a teen suffering from acne my mother used to have me steam my face over a pot of boling water. While serviceable this litle steamer from con air makes that experience so much better. I am in the market to pick up another one after my steamer of almost 6 years died. I am impressed with the small modifications they have made to this great little device. 

Double Ended Extractor 

Unfortunatly my laziness in skincare has made me something of an expert in extracting blackheads. I’ve tried several different loop extractors and this is by far hands down my favorite. It’s sturdy and holds up to my meticulous disinfecting procedure.  while it is almost twice as expensive then your drugstore variety it also will last at least twice as long. I’m going on 2 years now with my little guy. 

Konjac Sponge 

I have tried the very pricey Boscia and this reasonable eco tools one and there is no difference. So save yourself 12 dollars and get this one. It’s a very soft sponge that I use to help make my oil cleanser foam. it really helps get the makeup off my skin at night. A bit of a warning it feels a bit like a slug. It’s slippery and slimy but works oh so well!

ll that is left for next week is a wrap up on how well I've been keeping to this goal and to talk about next month's simple challenge! Hope your January has been as been a great start to a new year. 


Simple Goals week 2 - Skincare Treats.

Hey everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable week. I spent way too much time playing Dragon Age Inquisition.  I did pretty good with my skincare routine this past week. I only resorted to using make-up wipes no moisturizer once! That's a good start. This week I thought I would share some Skincare treats that I liked to use a few times a week. ( not the once or so a month that I do it now) Or in the case of this first one, when I can get my hands on some. 

Bioderma Micellar solution

French ladies have the best skin. So when my very clear skin french friend professed her love for this, I bought it. I fell in love with using it as a toner AND an eye makeup remover. I love that it would make my skin feel super clean but not tight. When I was in LA I would go to little tokyo to a cosmetics store that just so happened to sell it. Now that Iive in the great cold north of Oregon I haven't been able to find it. Or justify the shipping on it.  I hear that Simple skincare is coming out with their own Micellar water and I can't wait to try. 

Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque 

I love Queen Helene products. In the winter I use this Mud Pack Masque. It's smells floral and goes on smooth and tightens and clears my pores with out making my face feel over dry. That something that I find hard for my skin. In the summer and when I was younger I was obsessed with the brand's mint julep mask, I still use it on my t-zone with this on my cheeks. Costing only 3.99 it's a great skin treat with out breaking the bank. 

Lush Ocean Salt 

A long time ago, I used to use almost exclusively lush products... between having them poached by roommates and never using them all up before they spoiled I moved away from the brand. With the introduction of the self-preserving products I have worked this favorite back into my skin care. It makes my skin so soft so clean and perfectly primed for a deep moisturizing overnight treatment. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask


This overnight moisture boosting masks helps keep my acne at bay. Growing up in small town Indana, Origins was one of the only skincare lines I could get my hands on. I love the smell of their products and how well they work. after a deep scrub with Ocean Salt I will spread a very thin layer of this on let it settle into my skin (10-15 minutes) and wash it off in the morning. My skin feels so plump and awake. Even when I'm dragging on only a few hours of sleep 


Simple Goals January 2015 - Skincare

Hello! I hope you've all had a great start to the new year. This year instead of making specific 2015 year long resolutions I’ve decide to make 12 small simple changes each month. This month is to get my skin care routine nailed down.  As I age (I just turned 32 eek!) my skin is less forgiving to my neglect.  January is going to be about finding a good winter routine for me. This week I want to talk about my basic every routine.  I have been transitioning into having a AM and PM routine to help curb the march of time.  I’ve also found that concentrating on prepping my skin for Make-up application in the AM and Anti-aging treatments in the PM is better then trying to find magical products to do it all.  


In the Morning: 

 Cleanser - Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash - 20.00  

This Cleanser came with my Clarisonic and I am now on my second bottle. It’s light exfoliation is perfect to prep my skin for makeup. 


Moisturize- Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF40

I love Josie Maran’s products, this moisturizer is light and doesn’t clog my pores it also look great in photos under makeup even with the SPF. 

In The Evening 

Cleanser = Josie Maran Cleansing Argan Oil  

As a girl with a very oily t-zone the idea of washing my face with oil made my skin crawl. But this stuff is amazing. It breaks down my make up and deep cleans my skin. I also love the ritual of how you use this cleanser and the self warming property of it. 

Moisturizer -  Josie Maran Argan Oil 

I like to do a deep hydration on my cheeks overnight, during the winter the this 100% argan oil works perfect, it even keeps my t-zone hydrated. 

Day and Night 

Toner- Humphrey’s Lilac Witch Hazel 

I feel like witch hazel has made the most difference in keeping my pores minimized. I love the smell of this lilac version.  


Eye Cream - Say Yes To Grapefruit dark circle correcting eye cream  

This eye cream does make my under eye concealer glide on and that is almost like having perfectly well rested eyes!  I think that it is helping my dark circles as well. (seriously genetics could you work on giving me pale skin and thin under eye skin UGH) 

My goal for this week is to make sure I do it every day this week. both in the AM and PM. I have a bad habit of sleeping in my makeup and that is trashing my skin. Next Monday I’ll talk about some specially treatments I’ve been trying in my routine.  

2014 in lists

Hey Guys,  Just thought I'd drop in and leave you my top 5 video games of 2014. In the last 5 months of the year we went from a zero console house to having all of them (even a PS Vita). We moved to a new house (the coldest house in portland) and I spent most of the year adjusting to being in a long distance relationship (can't wait until the long distance part is OVER) Here are a few top 5 to sum up 2014. 

Top 5 handmade outfits 

#5 Cat Nap Macaron 


#4 Pink Fade Hat 


#1 Paris dress 


Top 5 Video Game of 2014 

#5 Dangarompa :Trigger Happy Havoc 

This is a late entry to my list, it is the first game i picked up for my Vita after getting it for christmas. I've literally been glued to my vita ever since. The story is engaging the villain is cute and menacing.  The Trial gameplay is a lot like Phoenix Wright but with a better pacing. You feel like you are actually becoming friends with the characters and care what happens to them.  While the outlook is bleak for most of them it makes for a compelling game that I cannot put down. 

#4 Smash Bros 3DS 

Train, train and train some more. Smash Bros on 3DS has really helped my sad pathetic excuse for smash skills. I used to play hours worth of Smash bros on my Wii. I enjoy having  I love play as peach and rosaline and I am happy to have Smash on at my fingertips on the go. 


#3 Far Cry 4

 Lots of people docked Far Cry 4 for being Far Cry 3 re-skinned, having missed Far Cry 3 it was a fun adventure in a far off land. I watched my boyfriend play thru the entire story making one set of choices and I am planning on going back and making the opposite choices. Any game that lets me rack up kills with an elephant or honey badger gets an A in my book. 


#2 Dragon Age: Inquistion 

My Dragon Age story is like so many others, Played Origins, skipped 2 and dove head first into DA:I. This game is a time vampire. I find myself having to set timers and force myself away to eat and shower. I have been taking a break from DA:I while my boyfriend has been home for the holidays as he is also playing it but is several hours behind me. I love my sexy bad bobbed hair Mage Elf. And I am a sucker for the forbidden romance of Ex-templar Cullen. MMM sexy cullen

#1 Fantasy Life

Fantasy life is addictive and charming, well written, beautiful 3DS game. From the moment I made very cute and very customizable character I knew I was hooked.  I've gotten more then one other person addicted to the game by my constant talking about it. I love the leveling system is independent of the jobs system. It allows me to bounce between Talior (duh) and Miner without penalty. One of the things that struck me that the game play mechanics (supported by a solid reasons in the story) are set up so that a tailor or a Paladin can be the hero and save the world. If you have a 3DS and haven't picked up this game do it right now. Be forewarned a quick few potions/mining quests before bed can turn into 3am and bleary eyes the next day. 


Top 5 Catch Up Games 

Since everyone has already spent tons of time in years past yapping about how great these games are I'll just leave you with the list for this category. 

#5 The New Super Mario Bros 2 (3ds) 

#4 The last of us Remastered (PS4)

#3 Legend Of Zelda- Link Between Worlds (3DS)

#2 Persona 4 (ps vita) 

#1 Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (3DS)

2014 Favorites 

#5 Urban Decay Beauty Balm 

#4 Too Faced La Creme lipsticks 

#3 Te Chai Tea Caramel Creme Brûlée Tea  

#2 Mat and Nat Malone Vegan Handbag in peach 

#1 Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee 3DS hard case 

Removing My Head From The Sand

     I remember when I first felt uncomfortable with a video game.  It was the first christmas party I had in college. The game everyone had to play was Grand Theft Auto 3.  I watched in horror as the boy I was dating could not wait to show his buddies that you could have sex with a prostitute then beat her up to steal back your money. They erupted in laughter and I did too. As a girl who had spent most of high school being picked on for being different. All I wanted from college was to fit in. So I shoved it down in jar with a lid that said do not open and laughed. 

     Almost a decade later Red Dead Redemption happened. I had some major health problems. It was while recovering I decided to play Red Dead Redemption. I hooked up my Xbox 360 and tried to distract myself. That however did not happen. You aren’t even in to the real game play before casual misogyny starts. I never even got to the infamous side missions before I sold the game back to GameStop. It shattered that decade old jar. I told myself that I had simply out grown video games and quit. 

    So this summer, after almost three years away from mainstream video games my boyfriend bought me a 3DS XL.  The 3DS brought a way for us to have fun together while apart. I started checking my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and unlocking characters in Mario Kart. I also started reading about games again. looking at next gen consoles and future 3DS and Wii U titles. My rekindled love of video games came almost instep with the biggest blow up of sexism in the industry. Days before that 3DS showed up on my door, GamerGate (GG) was born. It would be a few days before I found it. At first I hid my head in the sand. Applying Nancy Thompson’s logic of ignoring Freddy Kruger to deny him power to terrorize her. However I like Nancy underestimated the force I was dealing with. 

     Eventually GG went after Intel. Intel folded under the pressure. Intel gave them the legitimacy they had so desperately craved. Intel make the processor that runs my MacBook Air. Intel makes the processors of most of my female blogging friends computers. Girls who don’t care about video games and video game culture. How could they fold to such a vile contingency of their customers. How could they not see beyond gamers to regular consumers who would be insulted by this groups origins. Why would anyone actively alienate 50% of the population?   When I tweeted my disappointment at Intel. My mentions suddenly filled with GG people.  Who started hashtag their replies with gamergate to call on more people to tell me how wrong I was. All of them hounding you with the same nonsensical questions. Trying to intimated you into being silent or to stop tweeting by the sheer number of people tweeting at you. Any empathy I had towards their purported goals was gone. It became stunningly clear that all they wanted was the silence of the opposition. That the only to choices are being quiet and submissive to their wants or gird your loins to face the on coming mob.  I saw people who actively refused to use the hashtag mobbed by GG. People who wanted to voice their support and their concern with out directly engaging GG were sought out to be silenced. Everyday it spirals more and more out of control. 

     Last night Anita Sarkeesian had to cancel her talk at Utah State University because someone threatened to commit mass murder on the campus if she spoke. Utah’s screwed up gun laws made it impossible for her to speak and stay safe. Last night an Actor got on twitter and used his celebrity to egg on a victims aggressors. She asked him to take into account his vitriol could get her killed. He called her a liar. Yesterday Huffington Post’s Live show allowed “both sides” to be heard. The website who’s founder got air time spent last night openly musing about murder and continued doxxing victims. Today as I was about to publish this post one of the biggest voices in gaming media is saying “Death threats are wrong. Don’t do that but….” I'm sorry Penny Arcade there is no but. Saying but is a casual admission that the ends justify the means. (they don't) Saying but is saying it OK to bully view points you don't agree with out of the conversation. (it's not) When you justify GG position against the media you say that 0.5% of articles talking about feminism is 0.5% too much. 

Mid-summer Sewing Goals

Where oh were has June gone. It seems just last week that the summer was slowly creeping in and now it's almost July.  Today I'd love to talk about my mid-summer sewing plan! I love sewing dresses, but this summer I would like to branch out in to shorts. So let's start there. 

These beautiful shorts have such interesting pleats I would love to make a pair of view A. I love the beautiful pleats down the front of them, 

 Top Left -  Premiere Prints Twill ,  Top Right -  Premiere Print Twill , Bottom Left -  Essex Yarn Dyed , Bottom Right - premere prints 

Top Left - Premiere Prints Twill,  Top Right - Premiere Print Twill, Bottom Left - Essex Yarn Dyed, Bottom Right -premere prints 

I know for sure that I will make a pair out the lovely essex yarn dyed. I have a washi dress and a  skirt made out of it and I cannot wait to have a pair of shorts (or 2) out of that fabric as well. I love the linen/cotton blend. I would like to make patterned pair as well, but it's just so hard to choose between the ikat and the polka dot. 

Bianca Top 

Yesterday I shared with you the Bianca Dress I made. I simple love this neckline and would love to make a few blouse to go with shorts or jeans come fall. 

 Top left -  Interweave Chambray in lake  Top Right  Busy Bee in Yellow   Bottom Left  Triangle Token  Bottom Right  hapi voile

Top left - Interweave Chambray in lake Top Right Busy Bee in Yellow  Bottom Left Triangle Token Bottom Right hapi voile

This prints just scream make me into a top.  I love the Triangle and think it could be fun to style in the depth of winter as well! The lake Chambray is currently sitting on my dining room table waiting to be cut into. I think I may do a little white floral embroidery around the opening of the neckline. 


Winifred Dress 

This is a dress I recently stumbled across and has been showing up in my dreams ( please tell me I'm not the only one who dreams about dresses i want to sew) I love the collar and the short sleeves. But those two front pleats sealed the deal I don't have many dresses with pleats. I can see this dress in all kinds of fabrics but for this summer I am dreaming of very vintage florals and whimsical novelty prints . 

I am in love with the kitten fabric. Seriously it's the perfect shade of blue and who doesn't want a cat dress? I also love the cracking code fabric the photo doesn't do the shade of pink justice. It is perfect for when you have just a bit of a tan. 

Well this should keep me busy for the next few weeks. What are your sewing or even outfit goals for summer?