Hi, I know… it’s been awhile.

I re-started and deleted and re-started and deleted this post several times in the last few years. I didn’t know how to deal with my grief and loss. My depression came back hard and fast and wasn’t as easily shook as before. Every loss seemed coupled with something worse. 

 Abalard (top) and Macintosh a few days after Macintosh came home.  
Abalard (top) and Macintosh a few days after Macintosh came home.  

After losing Macintosh I didn’t think I’d lose Abalard so quickly. And when I had to put him down because of IMHA the world got really bleak. I was just starting to feel like I was getting out of the hole that grief pulled me into then bam… right back there. I don’t have much to report, I knit and frogged almost every project and tried to get thru every day waiting for the next movie I wanted to see or video game I wanted to play. I couldn’t write, or share fun things because my days were try to make it until the next. If you followed me on instagram you saw that my content changed and dropped dramatically as well. There were moments of happiness. 

Mamoru the day he came home.  


Like when I brought my new puppy Mamoru home. Or exploring Seattle with my Boyfriend after he moved their for a new job. Or watching little Link get plump after figuring out his wheat allergies.



Link at 10lbs! SO exciting for the little blond monster  

 Life is exciting and scary again. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in Silicon Valley as my little pack moves yet again. California, I can’t believe I live here again. I thought when I left the state almost 9 years ago I wouldn’t be coming back. But here I am, getting used to driving not walking everywhere, looking for a new job, getting acclimated to a new culture and remembering what it is like to live somewhere that’s weather doesn’t destroy your hair and make 30 seconds after you leave the house. I’ve slowly come to realize that life was better when we blogged more and twittered less. I want to come back blogging where I can share my life and the fun things I do with my family and friends who are spread out all over this country. (15 years of moving around from coast to coast and place to place will do that) So there will be videos, and photos and lots of yummy things baked and wooly things knit and plenty of new and exciting places to explore here in Northern California. So, thinks around here should be getting pretty busy. I’m planning on making the site a little more friendly to friends and readers who are interested in only a few of the things I’m into not the whole hodgepodge of hobbies I’ve collected. I’m also gonna give her a fresh coat of paint and maybe a new home. But Instead of waiting until everything was perfect with a re-design I decided it was more important to get writing again.

So to everyone still subscribed, thanks.. I know you’ve probably forgotten who I am when I popped up in you RSS feed this morning but I hope you’ll stay. And to everyone new, hello,welcome. I’m Spencer it’s nice to meet you.