Hylian Vacation Diary – Zelda Breath Of The Wild: Day 1

So, Zelda Breath Of The Wild is out.  Unlike Zelda games of the past I find talking about the game with friends hard. The game’s open world is full of strange people and unpredictable acts of gods. So instead of spamming my Social Media with the screenshots I’ve taken I’m gonna collect them here in sorta a daily travel diary. Every Morning you can read all about my exciting adventure in the land of Hyrule.   The Opening Photo will be as Spoiler Free as possible, think shrines and pretty skies and generic landscapes, after that it will be full of spoilers. 

Spending some time running around the ruins of The Temple of Time. The light and the way it plays with it’s decaying structure is awesome. I found a cool pair of pants shortly there after. 

After getting the parasail I did a tower, cleared a camp or two and stalked a few horses. This guy is named Abalard. He’s calm and sweet and really nervous about bridges.

So after finding Impa and unlocking a few towers… I got my ass lit up by a LIGHTNING STRIKE trying to clear a bokoblin camp with my giant Metal Hammer. It blew my freaking mind. Lighting killed me cause I was swinging around a giant piece of metal. This was the moment when I fell in love with this game.

So after an hour or so of doing side quest and clearing camps I decided to head towards that orange tower in distance only to come across this beautiful Dragon. needless to say I FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT.

The beautiful creature just flying thru the sky.

Cooling its self off in the water. This was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve had in video games. It was just so beautiful and peaceful.

The sky of Hyrule at sunset rival the ones I miss in LA.

So I flew My paraglider off a mountain top and landed on this ledge. Overlooking the beautiful Valley of NOPE. (for non-players, that enemy is a Guardian and is one shot death at this point for me.)

Standing outside the hard as ball twin memories shrine, checking out that evil blood moon. 

Offerings to the goddess Hyila near the Twin Memories Shrines.

The beautiful Cotera, she’s the Great Faery of the fountain at Kakariko Village. The Fairy Fountain theme is one of my favorite zelda tunes. 

She blowing me kisses full of fairy magic.

After FINALLY getting that Shiekah Slate repaired I am flying high over the the charming Hateno Village.

Running thru Hyrule Field looking for the ruins to help jog my memory. Right after I took this, I promptly get lit up by a guardian. (For non players that dark building in the background is Hyrule Castle and it is being consumed by the Calamity Ganon, the games big bad.)

See You Tommorrow for day 2!

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