Simple Goals Month 2 Week One : 30 Days of Yoga

Hey Everyone, 

Soooo I just looked up at my clock and realized that it was 11:31pm on Monday… and that I hadn’t posted my Simple Goals for the week… or Last week cause I was feeling under the weather. SO for the month of February I am planning on doing a 30 days of yoga challenge.  I feel at my best and most creative when I am running and doing yoga. Running is a challenge the days cause my knees have seen better days. But I’ve got a little mini elliptical and yoga. So here is a quick list of the best 30 days of yoga challenges on You Tube. I am planning to do Yoga With Adriene this month. I hope to try them all out thru the year!  So what’s your goal for February? (Can you believe it is February all ready!!!) 

Yoga with Adriene 

Bad Yogi 

Do You Yoga





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