Simple Goals week 3- Skincare tools

As I get older I find that I need more tools to keep my skin in check… Brushes, sponges, extractors OH MY! Here are my 4 favorites that I am trying to incorporate into my routine this week. 

Clarisonic Mia 2 

This little expensive face brush is such a game changer. For YEARS i debated do I really need it? then once I got it I wondered why I waited so long. The only thing is I have to use it every morning. I see a little bit of improvement if I use it a few times a week. However when I use this thing in the morning every morning the difference is very noticeable.  This week I’m gonna be diligent and make sure I get my Clarisonic on!  Word of warning your skin may not be able to handle everyday so be willing to get experimental when you get your hands on this baby! 

Conair True Sauna 

As a teen suffering from acne my mother used to have me steam my face over a pot of boling water. While serviceable this litle steamer from con air makes that experience so much better. I am in the market to pick up another one after my steamer of almost 6 years died. I am impressed with the small modifications they have made to this great little device. 

Double Ended Extractor 

Unfortunatly my laziness in skincare has made me something of an expert in extracting blackheads. I’ve tried several different loop extractors and this is by far hands down my favorite. It’s sturdy and holds up to my meticulous disinfecting procedure.  while it is almost twice as expensive then your drugstore variety it also will last at least twice as long. I’m going on 2 years now with my little guy. 

Konjac Sponge 

I have tried the very pricey Boscia and this reasonable eco tools one and there is no difference. So save yourself 12 dollars and get this one. It’s a very soft sponge that I use to help make my oil cleanser foam. it really helps get the makeup off my skin at night. A bit of a warning it feels a bit like a slug. It’s slippery and slimy but works oh so well!

ll that is left for next week is a wrap up on how well I’ve been keeping to this goal and to talk about next month’s simple challenge! Hope your January has been as been a great start to a new year. 


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