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Hey Guys,  Just thought I’d drop in and leave you my top 5 video games of 2014. In the last 5 months of the year we went from a zero console house to having all of them (even a PS Vita). We moved to a new house (the coldest house in portland) and I spent most of the year adjusting to being in a long distance relationship (can’t wait until the long distance part is OVER) Here are a few top 5 to sum up 2014. 

Top 5 handmade outfits 

#5 Cat Nap Macaron 

#4 Pink Fade Hat 

#3 Plaid Bianca Dress 

#2 Camera 50s dress 

#1 Paris dress 


Top 5 Video Game of 2014 

#5 Dangarompa :Trigger Happy Havoc 

This is a late entry to my list, it is the first game i picked up for my Vita after getting it for christmas. I’ve literally been glued to my vita ever since. The story is engaging the villain is cute and menacing.  The Trial gameplay is a lot like Phoenix Wright but with a better pacing. You feel like you are actually becoming friends with the characters and care what happens to them.  While the outlook is bleak for most of them it makes for a compelling game that I cannot put down. 

#4 Smash Bros 3DS 

Train, train and train some more. Smash Bros on 3DS has really helped my sad pathetic excuse for smash skills. I used to play hours worth of Smash bros on my Wii. I enjoy having  I love play as peach and rosaline and I am happy to have Smash on at my fingertips on the go. 


#3 Far Cry 4

 Lots of people docked Far Cry 4 for being Far Cry 3 re-skinned, having missed Far Cry 3 it was a fun adventure in a far off land. I watched my boyfriend play thru the entire story making one set of choices and I am planning on going back and making the opposite choices. Any game that lets me rack up kills with an elephant or honey badger gets an A in my book. 


#2 Dragon Age: Inquistion 

My Dragon Age story is like so many others, Played Origins, skipped 2 and dove head first into DA:I. This game is a time vampire. I find myself having to set timers and force myself away to eat and shower. I have been taking a break from DA:I while my boyfriend has been home for the holidays as he is also playing it but is several hours behind me. I love my sexy bad bobbed hair Mage Elf. And I am a sucker for the forbidden romance of Ex-templar Cullen. MMM sexy cullen

#1 Fantasy Life

Fantasy life is addictive and charming, well written, beautiful 3DS game. From the moment I made very cute and very customizable character I knew I was hooked.  I’ve gotten more then one other person addicted to the game by my constant talking about it. I love the leveling system is independent of the jobs system. It allows me to bounce between Talior (duh) and Miner without penalty. One of the things that struck me that the game play mechanics (supported by a solid reasons in the story) are set up so that a tailor or a Paladin can be the hero and save the world. If you have a 3DS and haven’t picked up this game do it right now. Be forewarned a quick few potions/mining quests before bed can turn into 3am and bleary eyes the next day. 


Top 5 Catch Up Games 

Since everyone has already spent tons of time in years past yapping about how great these games are I’ll just leave you with the list for this category. 

#5 The New Super Mario Bros 2 (3ds) 

#4 The last of us Remastered (PS4)

#3 Legend Of Zelda- Link Between Worlds (3DS)

#2 Persona 4 (ps vita) 

#1 Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (3DS)

2014 Favorites 

#5 Urban Decay Beauty Balm 

#4 Too Faced La Creme lipsticks 

#3 Te Chai Tea Caramel Creme Brûlée Tea  

#2 Mat and Nat Malone Vegan Handbag in peach 

#1 Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee 3DS hard case 

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