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Time for a knit and sew along

Hello lovelies. 

This years Me Made may was mostly successful.  I’ve gone a few days with out wearing handmade items and a whole lot more days without photographing the ones I was wearing. My failed challenges is not why I am here today. I am here to tell you about this awesome knit & sew along from two of my favorite bloggers Andi of Untangling Knots and Lauren of lladybird are hosting an outfit along. They have selected a sewing pattern and Andi has released a new cardigan pattern. The beauty of this sew/knit along is you don’t have to use these patterns, just as long as you sew a garment and knit a garment then you are good to go! So for my version of this sew along. I am going to make a hazel dress. Only this time I am gonna make a sightly longer fuller skirt. I also plan on making the lovely Myrna cardigan. I am going to be making it out of the always delicious Madelintosh Tosh Vintage in Button Jar Blue. (I am currently obsessed with colorway as i am using it in a shawl too) I thought this combo (with an orange petticoat if i can swing it in time) would be killer with my adorable new Jeffery Campbell Flats. I cannot wait to get started on Sunday!  If you are participating in this Outfit along leave a link to your blog or instagram in the comments. I can’t wait to see what other people are making! 

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  1. I have my patterns! But since we are finishing up a move I haven’t had a chance to pick my yarn or fabric yet. I love your choices! ๐Ÿ™‚

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