Me Made May Days 3, 4 and 5

Me Made May Day 3 

Handmade dress- Darling Ranges dress in moda print 

Me Made May Day 4 

Handmade Dress: Peplum Party Dress in Tula Pink meteor shower 

Cardigan Target 

Lipstick Revlon matte lip balm in standout

Me Made May Day 5 

Handmade Dress – Macaron out of Catnap fabrics


This was Collin’s first weekend home. I couldn’t seem to find to blog about the photos I had taken. Monday’s seem to be the longest day of the week now. On a plus side I finally got my sewing desk freed from being blocked in by bikes. I am planning on sitting down and sewing up a dress tonight. That is always realizing and fun. 


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