A Tale of Two Cities

As you all know Collin and I have been moving. What has been less widely publicized (on my end) is that Collin and I have also been looking for, finding and setting up a place in SF. (We lucked out and found a full furnished place in Inner Sunset.)   

As of late Saturday night, Collin is living in SF and jetting home to Portland on the weekends.  The weenies and I will be headed to San Fransisco in a few weeks to see him. To get the lay of the landscape. We are going bi-city for awhile.

So life in Portland is now counting down days till the weekend, FaceTime and planning 12hr drives to and from SF. Im sure it will all feel normal in a few weeks. In the mean time I’ve been wearing my Golden Gate Bridge cuff everyday having an icon of the city wrapped around my wrist makes me feel more connected to it. 

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cities

  1. Boo on moving from Portland, but I love the idea of having a physical manifestation and connection like this that bridges (ahha!) both Portland and SF for you!

  2. Living apart is hard. My husband was living 3+ hrs away for a few months at one point, and I can only imagine 12 hours is that much more difficult. Good luck with everything! I hope things settle in for you soon.

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