What’s in My Makeup Bag: RV edition.

While daydreaming about our next RVing trip. I thought today would be a great day to show you what I keep in my makeup bag so I look cute and stylish while out and about. 


I love this tokyomilk hand cream for traveling. The metal tube is durable and it has a fairly silm profile. Plus is light scent lasts long enough for me to skip perfume. 

Almost every eye look i do uses liquid or kohl black liner. For the RV I chose one of my favorite revlon ones. I like that it smudges then dries to stay put. 

I cannot rave enough about this amazing powder foundation from Too Faced. It is my go to summer foundation. (sometimes I use a bit of their Beauty Balm first) This foundation goes on smooth is easy to apply with just the compact in the mirror. It also is killer at keeping the shine at bay. 

This tarte eyeshadow pallet is one of my favorites for all kinds of travel, 4 great shades super small footprint and you can make a great day or night eye from it. 

EOS lip balm. I love this stuff. Keeps my lips soft and is super cute. I think I have one of these in almost every makeup bag I have. 

This is the one thing that will be replaced. I am so over having to struggle to get all the bits of lash blast off my lashes. That little annoying bit aside it does a good job of making your lashes look great, but when I am trying to use just wipes to take off my makeup at night this is the wrong mascara to bring. 

I love this revlon lipstick. They have discontinued it but I suggest finding a similar rosy shade. I use it for lipstick and as blush. I have this an another tube left but I am gonna be super sad when I need to find a replacement. 


Somedays you just need bright red lips to carry on. I love this matte balm from Revlon it stays put and it also doesn’t dry out my lips or need a lip liner. 

eyeshadow brushes are a must. At home I have about a million. For the road  I recommend these three shapes (flat and fluffy, domed, angled and fluffy) I can do everything i need to do with these three brushes.  


I hope you enjoyed a peek into my makeup bag. What is your go to make up item? Let me know in the comments. 

3 thoughts on “What’s in My Makeup Bag: RV edition.

  1. Mascara and an eyelash curler are pretty much the only things in my makeup bag! If I’m really going crazy, I’ll add some liquid eyeliner. Yeah, I’m not that good with makeup. 😉

  2. You seem to be quite streamlined…I wish I was like that! My makeup bag is a jumble of stuff, a lot of which I don’t even wear!

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