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Silver Falls State Park

Last Friday Night, we packed up the weens and drove south to Sliver Falls State Park. After talking about an RV for over a year we weren’t keen on the idea of waiting on her maiden voyage. While we forgot a bunch of things (matches, pillows, soy milk and a can opener) We did remember things like Stella’s and chili. Saturday we went on a tiny hike with the dogs. We sipped coffee from our silly Sarah Utter mugs. Collin Played me songs on his guitar and by the time sunday morning rolled around I was completely in love with that little RV. The little L shaped couch were Macintosh can look out the window while I read or knit. The tiny loft bed covered in our Pendleton blanket. The way you almost burn your thumb lighting the burners for coffee.   As far as campgrounds go Silver Falls was a bit foreign to any state park that Collin or I had been to. There was no real clear direction on check in so we just winged it and hoped for the best. It also lacks a Camp Store. There is a mini mart about 7 miles from the campgrounds in Silverton. Our little camping plot (22B)  was great, we plugged into electric and water and had a cute little creek that ran down one side and a foot trail that led to the bathrooms on the other.  I’m sure that another trip to Sliver Falls is in our future, seeing as we didn’t see one water fall while we were there. Do you have a favorite State Park in PNW? What are your favorite things to cook while camping? 

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  1. That sounds like fun! I haven’t been camping in so long, but when I was a kid we used to go camping for a week or two at a time. I can’t remember what we ate though… I think it was a lot of grillable stuff like hamburgers and chicken. I do remember my mom figure out how to make pancakes on the grill!

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