Hello Marigold.

Hello everyone! I’ve unfortunately fallen a bit behind on my 30 lists project. I plan on having a catch up post ASAP! My Life has been nuts, we are in the process of trying to find a new house.   Seriously I hate moving and moving in Portland is the worst. House, Portland Bloggers meet up was a week ago, and last Monday my boyfriend flew to Bend drove the beauty above home. Say hello to Marigold the 1988 Toyota Dolphin RV.

For a little bit over a year now we’ve talked about driving around in an RV while Collin plays music. You should check out his Music and You Tube Channel. If you live on the west coast and would be down to host a how show you should totally contact us!   Portland will be our home base, but now we have a little home away from. For being from 1988 old Marigold has a pretty rocking interior. There are a few little things I’d like to change, (put in laminate flooring, tile the countertops, wallpaper or paint the walls)  Things I was worried about like the upholstery and the curtains seem to be in good order (although I HATE the track curtains)


There are a 100 little things I’d like to hand make for her, a quilt, knit a throw blanket, sew and Knit a bunch of throw pillows for the loft bed, hot pads and napkins for the kitchen. Plus a 101 things to make my life packing the RV easier. I can happily say that our first weekend in the RV was not only a blast but we learned a ton like don’t forget matches and always bring stella. 


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