30 Lists: Ways to Add Magic To My Life

Hey everyone, 

At the last minute I decided to 30 days of Lists! My Friend Erika is also doing it, so I thought it could be a fun thing to do for the month of march! I love spring, and it feels like just the perfect thing to get me out of the stinky doldrums that February has brought. I decided to do my lists on 6×6 squares of double thick sketch paper.  I love this paper because,  I can add markers and ink and light washes of watercolors as I see fit. I also plan to hang my favorite ones up around my desk after I am done! 


Ways to add More Magic to My Life 

1. Drink More Loose Leaf Tea 

2. Fill my home and closet with handmade things 

3.Instax More 

4. Early Morning Walks 

So there is my list! I’ll see you tomorrow! 

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