Oh hello again.

Hello my sweet readers. Sorry for the unplanned and extended blogger break. Blame it on stomach flu followed by the worst head cold of my adult life AND laryngitis at the tail end. Oh February I am so over you.   Please March get here soon. This was a bad one guys. like lay on the couch and try to will yourself to become part of it. No sewing, barely any knitting for almost 14 days. I’ve completely given up on the Knitting Olympics this year. I spent the majority of my down time stalking discontinued fabric on the internet, and obsessing about making all new spring dresses.  As I’ve started to feel better. I’ve got a wee bit of cast-on fever. Wanna See? 

If you follow me on twitter or Facebook. You may have seen me cussing out yarn with silk content. Now don’t get me wrong. I love this yarn. It is Quince and Co Tern.  But for whatever reason yarns with a silk content + me + lace knitting = Fugly. See this yarn was intended to be a very lacy cowl when i first bought it. after knitting a swatch of the lace with the yarn I shoved it in my stash. Then this awesome cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge came out  and I had to knit it. The sample is knit in Tern, so I stupidly set about knitting without swatching the lace. BIG MISTAKE. The lace looked off I don’t know what it was, maybe my YO were to loose maybe my SSK to tight but something was off and the little bit of steam blocking I did made no difference. I sent it to the frog pond.

What you see above is just a simple Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. When Hannah started knitting patterns for Quince and Co she re-tooled the featherweight in Tern. I love how that sweater looks and I know that this sweater will get a lot of use in my new planned spring dress line up. 

Oh silly named sock yarn, how I will buy you every time. This feisty color way happens to be called Walk of Shame. Seriously how could I leave this yarn behind.  This is some of the last of my Stitches West Stash. It reminds me of all the fun trips I’ve had to stitches west even though I cannot be there this year. 

Started way before I got sick, this lovely squishy sweater is Snowcloud by Hilary Smith Callis. It is finally the perfect fit for my Manos Maxima in Royal. I bought this at LAST year’s Rose City Yarn Crawl, and I hoping to wear it to this years! 

I hate to think of any lovely yarn as Lemons but when I bought this amazing Dyed in the wool by spin cycle. I thought I was buying the right yarn to make a grey garden. Nope I need a worsted weight handspun. Oh well, I think there is enough yarn to make a sweet pair of simple fingerless mitts out of. I like how mindless they are and how they are subtle gradient.  So that is where I what I have been up to lovely reader. I am excited to get back on track with a DIY video this weekend and more blog posts. Hope February has been treating you better. 

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  1. Wow, that is really weird. I had a sinus infection a few weeks ago, followed by a stomach flu, and then two days after the stomach flu I ended up with laryngitis. Do you think there is some sort of specific virus that gives you all three one after the other?

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