Blogger’s Breakfast : The Sugar Cube

Hey everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend. I thought I’d give you a recap of this cute little place I went to this weekend with a few lovely local bloggers. Over on Alberta street there is this cute little bakery called The Sugar Cube. 

They have such a lovely little shop where they serve Ristretto Roasters coffee and Smith’s loose leaf teas. They have a mouthwatering assortment of baked goods to choose from. You should be forward however that this is a tiny little bakery. The seven of us took up a majority of the tiny cafe’s space. However most of their pastries are perfect for grab and go.

I had a cup of coffee and the toast with almond butter and caramelized bananas. Let me tell you caramelized bananas are going to be making an appearance in my weekend home breakfasts in the near future. it was so good, the bread had great crumb and the tiny rounds of caramelized sugar gave the toast a satisfying crunch. 

So not only was there awesome food there was great company as well. Our little blogging party was made up of Rachel from Love, Rachel, Erin of Bakery Bingo, Annie of Serious Crust, Brooke of Babbling, Brookelyn, Sarah of Will Run For Pasta, and my #1 Lady Date Erika of A Tiny Rocket. Thanks so much to Rachel for putting this little meet up together. It is always fun to go out with bloggers who get why you feel the need to take 300 pictures of a piece or toast! 

4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Breakfast : The Sugar Cube

  1. I followed you here from Will Run For Pasta, and I just read your "about" page and noticed you are from a small town outside of Chicago. That caught my attention because I am from Palatine (also a small-ish town outside of Chicago) and I am thinking of moving to Portland this year. The only thing holding me back is that most of my family is here in Chicago, but other family members are out there in the Pacific Northwest, and I spent a month out there last year and loved it so much! How are you enjoying it? Are you glad you moved?

    1. Hey! Welcome! Thanks for checking the blog out. Portland is my 4th stop on the west coast since leaving the Chicagoland area a decade ago. I left Chicago and my family to be by myself focus on photography and my art. I finished collage at the school I wanted to go to so desperately as a kid. I’ve made so many awesome and amazing friends and had jobs that never would have been possible in the small town I grew up in ( I am from Valparaiso, a small town over the Indiana border) It was one of the best things I ever did. I love the west coast but portland is my favorite. It is full of awesome cultural things and it not so insanely expensive that you can’t still go have a nice meal or fun night out with your friends. Leaving your family can be super scary but my mom and I FaceTime at least once a week and that makes it much easier. Hope this helps!

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