Craveable Cast On. Vol 1.

Hey everyone, welcome to one of the new weekly features I’ve been cooking up in my brain. I thought it could be cool to feature 4-6 knitting patterns that are new to me a week. so lets jump right into this weeks. 


Rowhouse Hat – by Bonnie Sennott  

This hat’s colorwork is simply charming.  I would love to see it knit up in a medium gray with cute red houses. Be Sure to check out Bonnie’s inspiring blog Blue Peninsula! 


Caramel Latte by Dani Sunshine 

This simple slightly chunky sweater is so cozy. I just wish I had time for it this winter. I think it would be stunning worked up in any one of the Fancy Tiger Craft Heirloom Yarn

Dani blogs at Unwind in Brighton


Piccolo by Marjorie Dussaud

I am a sucker for the amazing colorwork patterns you can make with just 2 colors. Piccolo is one seriously beautiful pattern. I adore it. I am sure that this will be a must knit for me by the end of the winter. while my dream would be to make it out of Plucky Knitter primo sport. A more realistic goal would be out of Tosh Merino Light held double (my new favorite way to get a sport weight yarn).  

Marjorie blog’s at her website Tricotbec

Fuego Hat by Justyna Lorkowska 

Another design feature I am just ga ga for is a well planned pom pom. I love how it just seems to put the final finishing touch on this hat. This hat would be stunning in this Manos Del Uruguay Maxima.  I’m thinking in a aqua or lush green color. 

Justyna’s adorable blog is let’s knits

That’s it for this volume. hope you have a great weekend. Planning to sew or cast on anything? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. 

1 thought on “Craveable Cast On. Vol 1.

  1. There is just something adorable about a pom pom end of a hat, it’s the kind of hat even when you’re not wearing it, you want to hold and squeeze like a stress reliever ball!

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