Just like last year, with a lot less travel. 

Dresses Sewn – 14 

Skirts Sewn – 7 

Tops Sewn – 6 

Bags Sewn – 4 


Hats Knitted – 12

Sweaters Knitted -1 (but it was frogged) 

Shrugs Knitted – 2 

Socks Knitted – 4 

Fingerless mitts Knitted – 4 

Trips to seattle -1 

2013 seemed to just be slow. There were no traumatic events, or broken bones so I consider it a win over 2012. I feel like there is a lot I left on the table. So many project frogged or unfinished patterns that are written but not yet published. Podcasts that were prepped but not shot. Blog post written but not photographed. My over achieving ways made for poor documentation and poor content creation. This is something I can change.  2014 for me will be about finding order in this crazy whirlwind I call my brain. I want to blog more and podcast more and even make other video and audio content. Now I just need to make it happen, establish a plan and follow thru.  Step one? Blow away my to my Omnifocus and start anew. I can’t wait to share my 31 day challenge with you tomorrow, and all the other awesome things I have planned for 2014. Hope you have an awesome and amazing NYE and great 2014! 


2 thoughts on “2013

  1. That’s seriously a lot of projects though! Also, it just shows that you are living my dream- being able to make dresses all the time! I love dresses as comfortable and feminine (although reality is since I walk a lot, I am often in sneakers and thus not a dress, though I always get excited when I wear one). What inspires you to make something- seeing a material? A pattern? An event to wear to?

    1. A little bit of all three. There are defiantly dresses I have made for specific events. But Patterns are usually the thing that gets me. There are so many amazing indie pattern designers it seems like there is always a new pattern to sew. How ever there are a few dresses that get made because I love the fabric

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