A Tiny Bee- Crisp

The word crisp makes me think of two very different things. Oooey, Gooey, bubbling bits of fruit forcing their way up thru a sugary, oat crust. This dear readers is the kind of crisp I had planned for this week, but then this kind of took over my life.  So I will give you the other kind of crisp, that only can happen with a charming little variety of wool called BFL. I love this scratchy wool for anything and everything garter stitch. I love how it makes the purl row pop up in crisp little lines. The photo above is the edge of my Great Divide Shawl (by fellow portland designer Michele Brown ) 

Next week’s word is invigorate 

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2 thoughts on “A Tiny Bee- Crisp

  1. Every time I read your blog it makes me get warm fuzzies and want to attempt to knit in something other than a straight line or circle! It’s just so beautiful!

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