Girl about town: P’s & Q’s Market

Late Friday night I was checking Facebook when I saw that this cute little restaurant/corner store, in my neighborhood, was now offering vegan brunch on the weekend. So this morning the boys and I walked over to check it out.  It was the perfect fall morning here in portland, cool with clouds but no rain. 

P’s and Q’s Market has grown into this cute little green grocery and restaurant. They have a small section of bulk bins and fresh local produce. They also carry bread from Grand Central and make the most delicious homemade vegetable stock.  

We both ordered the vegan hash. It was a delicious mix of sweet potatoes and fingerling Potatoes with kale. The salad had a fresh vinaigrette that cut thru the crispy skins of the fried potatoes.  My favorite part of the meal was the delightful quince jam. It was sweet and rosy with large chunks of quinces still in the jam. The perfect topping to the Grand Central Bakery sourdough toast.  If you find yourself in the Woodlawn neighborhood I highly suggest you give P’s and Q’s a chance. It the perfect place if you need a few basics to finish up dinner, or you want a great meal you don’t have to cook.  

After Brunch we took Abalard and Macintosh to the park on the way home. Collin Shot these sweet videos of them with the new Slo-mo feature on my new iphone.  

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