A Tiny Bee – Week 1: Home

In my life I have called 3 city home. It wasn’t until I came to Portland that I felt a place i could settle down. Home for the longest time was a place I came to crash after a long night of work. Where I would stress bake in the tiny small cramped kitchens. It never had the comfort or warmth that I pictured that people felt when they were home. 

 Portland is the first time that home feels like what I imagined home to feel like. From the moment I moved here and lived in a 125 sq ft apartment on Alberta. To the small 1 bedroom that I brought my first sweet dog home to on Fremont. Home now is a small townhouse that I share with my boyfriend and 2 dachshunds. When at home, you can find me spending a lot of time baking in our kitchen. 


I made this apron out of Violet Craft’s lovely collection of portland themed fabric callled Waterfront Park. I embroidered each of the bridges names with pearl cotton. I just hand drew on the lettering and stitched over that. So want to know next weeks word? 


Can’t wait see how the change of the season inspires you! Be sure to check out and link up at Erika’s blog too! 

8 thoughts on “A Tiny Bee – Week 1: Home

    1. I am in the process of finishing up the digital pattern If you’d like to test sew it for me I could part with one bridge FQ for you to make it!!

  1. Spencer I love it so much and such a great idea for a tea towel. It’s amazing what home really means isn’t it? I’m so glad you moved to Portland. Also your pooch is adorable and completely was the perfect model.

    1. I hadn’t thought of using a tea towel that would make it even simpler! Macintosh likes to be "helpful" (aka follow you about and nose around) I figured he would like a blog appearance for all his hard work!

  2. I’ll be in Portland at the end of this month to see a comedy show at the Portland Performing Arts Center! That city has definitely been calling my name lately…

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