A Tiny Bee- A Weekly Creative Club Link Up

When I was in photography school, on top of our technical assignments we also had to do creativity building assignments.  One of my favorites was Word of the Week. Every week my teacher would pull a word out of a hat. It was our jobs to shoot an entire roll of film (36 exposures) inspired by that word. Every monday morning we would turn in the contact sheets and our top 3 prints. As far as I am concerned these assignments were the most valuable of my whole creative education. It taught me that creativity isn’t some cruel mistress who comes and goes as she pleases. Creativity is an ever evolving process that moves you inch by inch project by project. I learned a simple and “duh” inducing fact, I’m more creative the more my hands move. So when my very talented friend Erika of A Tiny Rocket, suggested we start a creative prompt link up I couldn’t say no. It’s the perfect thing to keep those hands and minds busy. 

So how does this Creative Club Work? Every week on thursday, Erika and I will supply you with a  prompt. Then you show us how that word relates to you! Show us your killer outfit, painting, a meal or photo shoot. It could also inspires you to sew a dress, knit a scarf, crochet a pillowcase.   No project is too small or too large. Just let you and your big beautiful creative brain shine. All that is required is you and your creativity. The beautiful thing about this club is ot only will you be creating on a consistent basis. You’ll be in the company of other who you can inspire and be inspired by! I am so excited to see this community grow and help each other down the path of a creative life. 

So do you want to know the first week’s prompt? 


I can’t wait to see all the ideas you come up with for week one! I’ve got a few percolating in my brain.  Be sure to check out Erika’s Welcoming post too! See you in a week!  


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