Style it Twice: 501s

My boyfriend picked up a pair of 501 shrink to fits this week. And it got me thinking how cute they could be styled for women too. I am hoping to grab a pair this week while they are still on sale.  I thought it could be fun to do a style it twice. I wanted to make sure that it was appropriate for portland rainy fall weather. 

Left Side – Modern Flapper  (from top to bottom.) 

Floral Top – Uniqlo

Black Cardigan – Uniqlo

Glasses – Bonlook

Lipstick- Marc Jacobs Beauty

Earrings- Betsy and Iya  

Bag – Philip Lim ( did you see their is gonna be a 35 dollar target version of this bag! EEK)  

Boot- Jeffery Campbell

Hat- Goorin Bros


Right Side Classic heritage  (from top to bottom) 

Long Woven Oxford – Aerapostale

Glasses – Bonlook   ( I have these glasses in black and they are my favorite pair by far! so comfortable) 

Jacket – Barbour

Lipstick – Urban Decay  

Bracelet- Marc by Marc Jacobs  

Bag – Louis Vuitton  

Shoes – Bean Boots  



1 thought on “Style it Twice: 501s

  1. I really want to pick up the Marc Jacobs lippy because it’s bound to be amazing, especially the cherry red. And, I’m interested in seeing the Philip Lim goods at Target, that bag is cuuuute.

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