Late Summer Sewing: Part 1

Here a little peek into some projects I’ve been dreaming up. 


The Cambie Dress. I’ve made two of these already and have a third cut out for fall. I would love to make a solid color one. Maybe a nice navy eyelet one if  I can find the fabric.  


Also from Sewaholic, the yet to be released Saltspring dress! I plan on making quite a few of these. I have some great vintage 70s rayon that would look awesome as the maxi dress! I would adore a closet full of different colored short shot cotton ones.  I think the modern shape would be a welcome addition to my mostly vintage inspired pattern library

This cute tee I am hoping to make out the cute floral knits from Heather Ross’s Briar rose collection!  


Another new pattern! The poppy Tunic by make it perfect. I would love to make the longer version out of shot cotton and MORE heather ross Briar Rose!   I’m thinking pink or purple dress with the Pink or Purple Bee pattern on the bodice and trim!  

I have a few more ideas for summer dresses kicking around in my head!  I can’t wait to show you the dresses I’ve been Designing! One is now past the drawing fase and I plan to make a muslin today.  Then hopefully a wearable dress for this weekend’s Portland Bloggers Meet-Up 



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