Me Made May Day 20: The Fall Off

Shirt: Pleated Sorbetto
Shawl: Pionner Courthouse Shaw (designed by me) 
Pants:Gap (old) 
Bag Modcloth

This is a shawl I designed right before I moved to Portland. It is based off of the courthouse downtown. I pretty much love to wear it like a scarf more than a shawl. It is knit out of Tosh Vintage in the Baltic colorway. it’s the perfect scarf for when it is just a bit cool out.  

This shirt was part of my first big run of shirts I made a year ago.  I simply love it! I wear it so much. I am thinking about making another one out of red gingham.

Now let’s talk about the fall off. I wore handmade things all week, I never got around to taking pictures. HUGE FAIL.  More than once i reminded Collin that I needed snap a few pictures to but then just got caught up in whatever I was doing and forgot. I even made three new dresses this past week! it’s silly how I just let time slip away from me. I didn’t hit my post everyday or even photograph everyday goal for Me Made May this year but I did do a lot and I learned a lot about what I need to add to my wardrobe (ie plain colored items). 

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