Me Made May Day 16: Warby Parker Class Trip, Portland Oregon


So you may notice I skipped the 15th. I wore my brand new scout tee I had made over the weekend, but between running to the fabric store, picking up my new loom and warping and weaving with said loom, I forgot to take a picture. ( bad blogger no cupcake for you) Thursday night I was lucky enough to get to go to the opening party of the Warby Parker Class Trip here in Portland. I love the idea of the class trip, ride around the country letting people try-on the amazing styled glasses of Warby Parker.  

2013-05-16 18.40.45

Dress: Hazel out of Japanese cotton from Bolt
Belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing 
Glasses : See Optical (older) 
Lipstick : Julep Lady In Red 

2013-05-16 18.41.19

I love this print. I bought it last summer, and the dress languished. I had tried to do some fancy trimming to it but never like the result. So it sat on top of fabric drawer for almost a year with no straps or zipper. So what better reason to finish it then a party!


The bus was parked outside SE portland’s amazing Union/Pine. Seriously this event space is amazing. It is the home of Portland Flea. It is large and flexible and perfect for casual events. I met up with Erika (who so graciously invited me to the fun!) and Leah. We headed inside and grabbed some amazing drinks. I had the Whiskey Tortoise, it was an amazing blend of whiskey, almond syrup lime and sugar. I am going to totally have to copy it at home this summer!   


After a drink, we headed into the bus. Warby Parker’s frames are amazingly stylish and comfortable. Almost every pair I tried looked good on. I was super excited to finally getting to try the two pairs sunglasses i have been wanting. Rx Sunglasses are crazy expensive but they are kind of a must have when riding your bike on a sunny day!  The ability to get a pair for 150 bucks is fantastic. Thanks again to Erika for inviting me. It was lovely to see her and Leah and all the other portland bloggers mingling about. 

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