Me Made May Day 6: The Seamstress Dress

Me Made May Day 6Me Made May Day 6

Dress: Cambie Dress 

Shoes: Saltwater Sandals

Lipstick: Armor Gloss in Baracuda

Glasses: Bonlook

Me Made May: macintosh!Me Made May: Macintosh!

This dress is one that gets the most complements I love the scissor print. Today the heat finally broke a bit. I can’t wait to go on a bike ride tomorrow and get some sewing done!  

2 thoughts on “Me Made May Day 6: The Seamstress Dress

  1. Did you do the fuller skirt or the smaller? I have been thinking about that dress pattern, but I made a dress with a similar shape and didn’t even finish it. The fitted bodice and full skirt looked like a cartoonish princess on me. Blah. I think I like the Washi dress pattern more on my body type. (I am a big ol’ apple shape.)

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