This, Madame, is Versailles : Me May Made Day 1

The New Royal FamilyLet Them Eat Cake

Dress- Hazel in Parisville Cameo by Tula Pink 

Shoes Saltwater Sandals

Necklace: The Paper Mama

Bag : Bossi Bag by Theit (the white was a limited edition, but the gray and black are just as lovely)  

Glasses: Bonlook

Lipstick: Lime Crime in Countessa Florescent 

A Wild NobiltyWhat is that dog getting into now!!!!

Sorry For all the strange faces.  Working out the kinks of the self timer app and dealing with rough housing doxies!! I forget self portraits are so hard. Tonight I will find my SD card so I can use Continuous shoot on micro 4/3! Long time readers may recognizes this dress from when i first made it last summer!  It is favorite dress I’ve sewn. (though my newest washi dress is really giving it a run for it’s money)  I think what I love is each front bodice panel is a different bust of Marie Antonette.  I have another 2 yards of this fabric in a different colorwa to make a bag of some kind when I kind find one that is worthy of it. I just love this fabric! 

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