The Calm Before The Storm

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1. My beautiful new coffee table. 

2. My Farmstead Cardigan, this thing is so close to being done. Since this photo I finished half of the other sleeve and the body. Just a few bits of collar left! 

3. My Self Drafted 50s Gathered Camera Skirt. I cannot wait to share this with you. And the tip my mother passed on to me from my grandmother about gathered skirts and curvy girls. 

4. My Honey Orchard in Fat Squirrel Fibers MCN 

5. My Tsuru Washi dress. I love this one so much! I am thinking i need to make it in the lighter feather color way as well. It just drapes so nice and fits so lovely! 



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6. On my walk to the grocery store 

7. Miss Izze the pig! 

8. Pattern Sneek Peek

9. The odd yet satisfying construction of my Thyone

Tomorrow is May First the start of Me Made May, Mad May (madleintosh yarn Swoon), and the Fat Squirrel Orange KAL. it is going to be a busy busy May I am super excited to share it all with you! 


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