Learn To Knit Week: Knitting in the round


Hello! i hope you are having a fine saturday1 Today is our last actual knitting lesson. Tomorrow will be about finishing and rookie mistakes and the awesome community you’ll be entering when you become a knitter. I hope you have had fun making this coaster set. Today we will also get into supplies that you pick up if you want to continue knitting along with me in the month of April and May. Here is today’s coaster pattern  Let’s learn to knit in the round. A very important skill for out next KAL. 

That’s it. Super simple. So now that you know knitting purling and knitting in the round. 


On hanger long medium2

Use all of your lovely new knitting and purling skills to make this adorable double basketweave cowl  by Karen Templer of Fringe Association and Fringe Supply Co. 

You will need

32 inch 10.5 circular knitting needle

600 yards of a light worsted or DK weight yarn. Karen made hers out of Sincere Sheep Luminous a wool silk blend. I am making mine out of Hazel Knits DK.. I hope you’ll join us for this knit along. It’s a great introduction to a garment it will help you learn to read your knitting and when you are done you’ll have a great cowl to wear on cold spring nights. 

See you tomorrow when we’ll go over gauge and finishing and some ways to correct common mistakes. 



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