Learn To Knit Week: The Purl Stitch And Decoding A Knitting Pattern



So how did you do on your coaster? Do you have a finished one? I would love to see them! I hope that with every row it is getting just a little bit easier. Don’t get discouraged, if you have holes or you add or drop stitches. We are going to cover all the common mistakes and how to fix them tomorrow. Today let’s work on adding the Purl Stitch to your arsenal of stitches. One you master this stitch  you are ready to knit anything. Before we can add the Purl stitch we need to take a look at how knitting patterns are written. You can download the pattern for yesterday’s coaster here. and today’s coaster here. Also You’ll need this list of Knititng Abbreviations.  

Knitting Patterns aren’t hard once you wrap your head around that they are written in their own shorthand. There has always been a need to condense patterns to fit with in a page limit for books or a column limit for magazines. So these abbreviations (and many more that I will add as we continue this knitting adventure) were a necessary evil. 


Now that we have demystified the knitting pattern lingo let’s learn the purl stitch. If you read the pattern you know that you need to have 3 rows of garter stitch in place before you can start the purl row. Make sure you do that! 

That’s it you’ve got stockinette stitch down!  If you ae feeling like you need extra practice at the purl stitch. Make yesterday’s coaster but instead of knitting every row, Purl every row. You will still get a garter stitch coaster! See you tomorrow when we will learn all about stripes, and how to fix common mistakes. 

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