Learn To Knit Week: Casting On, The Knit Stitch, Binding Off


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I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and Happy Easter if you celebrate that. I am super excited to teach you to knit this week. How was your trip to your local yarn store? I’d love to hear all about it. Above is the First Coaster in our Super Simple Coaster Set. The Garter Stitch Coaster. Garter Stitch is easy as pie, you just knit across each row until you are ready to stop. Ready to learn to Cast On? Well Here’s how. 



Now that you Know how to cast on, I need you to cast on 25 stitches. When you are done, you are going to earn the first of two stitches that make up every other knitting stitch pattern on the planet. The Knit Stitch. 

So Continue Knitting each stitch across the row for the next 30 rows. You should have 32 rows (or 16 ridges) before you are ready to begin the bind off. 

That’s it. I told you it was as easy as pie.  Now here another picture of your finished object. Go pour yourself a nice drink of water, or make a cup of tea and enjoy your new skills! 

2013-04-01 14.46.47

Feeling ambitious? Cast on another one in the other color of yarn you bought! 

Have any questions or feedback? Let me know!  Tomorrow you will learn the Purl Stitch, how to weave in your ends, and how to read a knitting pattern! See you Tomorrow! 









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