Portland Blogger Wrap-up: Strike A Pose

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I wanted to get my wrap up of  portland blogger’s meeting in. Sorry It has taken me so long to get back to blogging. See I’ve been buried under a pile of knitting and learning about video shooting and editing. Now that I’m crawling my way out. Let’s get down to business. This Month’s Meeting was all about learning how to take better photos of yourself. So everyone in attendance got to spend 15 minutes with a local professional photographer.


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I was lucky enough to be paired with Linnea Paulina. She is so talented and a natural at making you feel comfortable behind the camera. Go check out the series she did with other local portland bloggers Samantha Rosen and Jade Rose.


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I am always so excited to see amazing portrait photographers. I just  It was such a pleasure to work with Linnea and she took two of my absolute favorite pictures of myself. I also love that she totally embraced my idea of wanting to knit. 


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Outfit Details

Dress: Handmade Peony (cotton shirting I got at Bolt on Sale.)

Belt: Handmade Bow Belt (pattern soon) 

Shoes: Zappos

Purse: Getaway bag by Lux De Ville

Knitting Project: Gill’s Rock By Paula Emons-Fuessle

Pin and Earrings: Vintage from my Grandmother. 




6 thoughts on “Portland Blogger Wrap-up: Strike A Pose

  1. Agree that having you knitting in the photos was a genius touch, and I love the whimsical blend of snark and charm in your smile in the photo you used for your profile!

  2. Spencer, I'm so happy you love your headshots, and I was the lucky one being paired up with you! I knew you were a cool person, but I had no idea that you were a knitter and a podcaster. I hope we can hang out again soon!

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