Launching the Podcast and the weekend ahead.


So finally three days later than I would have liked, the first episode of Pick Up and Purl is live on www.pickupandpurl.com  If you have a spare minute or two check it out leave a comment.  There are a few issues (no b-roll, no iTunes feed, auto focus going nuts) But for the first shot at a medium I am not familiar with i think it went well.  Next week I am hoping to have all the technical things worked out. I am glad to be able to get back to blogging as well!  


This weekend is the Portland Bloggers Meet Up, and we are doing a whole session outfit posting! I am super excited as that is one of my goals for this year is to share more of the clothing I make. Downside is it totally slipped my mind that I wanted to knit a shrug for my outfit this weekend. So I am in full on speed knitting mode. I think I just may make it! (I am working on the second sleeve tonight and then just have the ribbed collar to finish!) 

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