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After a rather long day of creating graphics for a new project. I wanted to make something quick. Thank goodness Gathered by Molly Makes had my back. I’ve talked about this great little weekly magazine before. I have a ton of their projects on my to do list but have never gotten around to making them. Last night that all changed. When I was flipping thru the latest issue #19. I was totally smitten with the cover project.



Lucky for me I had most of a fat quarter and some scraps left from making a dress and a shirt. I am totally in love with this line of fabric. It’s Denise Schmidt’s new line Shellburn Falls. All three color ways are beautiful and their isn’t a pattern that wouldn’t make a killer skirt, dress or shirt. I keep hoarding yards of it for this project and that project. The patterns I used in this project are from the Maple colorway.


They are from top to bottom Sparse Floral and Dress Floral Circle Square.


 While the magazine pitches is as a knitting and craft tidy, i am planning on using it more for blogging. My notebook and iPad mini fit.


I love that I can put my business cards and my favorite pen and lip gloss all in one place.



Then I can just quickly move it from bag to bag and I always am prepared when inspiration or networking opportunities arise.  While sewing I was thinking of a few modifications that would make this the PERFECT cozy for embroidery projects. If you haven’t checked out Gathered by Molly Makes what are you waiting for? 

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  1. Thanks! I am currently obsessed with this line of fabric. I've made a dress out of the big floral and have enough to make a dress and a top out of the other two. It's silly.

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