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Yesterday I was my own valentine and treated myself to getting my hair colored. As you will see in a minute my poor little hairs were dull and kind of boring! I guess that’s what you get when you wait almost a year to get your hair done. I LOVE my stylist here in portland! Not once has she let me down. (even when she gave me one of the cutest haircuts that still hid the fact that I had a giant bald spot in the back of my head from a medical procedure) Seriously Kelsie is Awesome. The salon she works in is awesome too! New Vintage Beauty Lounge is amazing, Not only have I gotten some of the best haircuts/colors of my life. I had one of the best most informative facials ever. On top of all these lovely things, they also carry Lime Crime. Seriously, I don’t think I would have ever gotten obsessed with their lovely bright fun lipsticks and shimmery eye dusts, if I hadn’t been able to try them out in person! 

http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8096/8477041604_68becaef0f_z.jpgSee what I mean, Blah! 


After the insane task of covering my massive amount hair in dye (this is the one reason I’ve never been an at home fan, see it takes forever to apply the dye to my hair, AND I always miss a spot because of the giant mane atop my head) 


Boom dark rich and lovely. Seriously my hair is at Peak love right now. Between the awesome color and the almost in my eyes chunky bangs. I couldn’t be more happy! Plus right after I left the salon the lovely girl at the fabric store noticed complemented me on my hair. That totally makes any girls day! 

Totally a side note, but one that makes me so happy – Check out this professor of mathematics article on why biking (running/hiking)  is awesome for Creative/Mathematical thinking! I always say I get more done and more inspired when riding around on my bike. Looks like that may actually be the case! 

Hope You all have a great weekend! I’m off to finish up a sweater, and steam block it for a knitting party tomorrow. I may even try to make a skirt and shirt!  



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