Wild Hair, giant eyes- a self portrait challenge

Hello Thirty

I very rarely like pictures of myself. But this one is magic. One of my favorite dresses + my hair doing that soft wild curl thing it does once in a blue moon. It’s amazing 

So I am entering the Paper Mama’s self portrait contest. The prize? an instax mini 8! Such a pretty shade of blue! It also gives me a chance to share what’s been going on lately.


Obsessing Over…

Finishing my Humboldt Raglan, sewing a valentines day washi dress, cleaning up my studio. 

Working On…

This crazy/amazing scholarship video, I cannot wait to share it! My Humboldt Raglan, I want to wear it to a knitting event this weekend so that means I have to get it done by thursday! 

Thinking About… 

Spring, Maybe moving into a better and bigger house, how to get people to be on my podcast, starting a knitting podcast as well. 


Scholarship deadline, Aforementioned knitting event, Rose City Yarn Crawl, finish up my office. 

Listening To…

Collin Hay- I just don’t think I’ll ever get over you. (My Collin does an awesome cover of this song) 


Just having some coffee


That I win the scholarship… I’m wishing on every star I find for that. 



4 thoughts on “Wild Hair, giant eyes- a self portrait challenge

  1. Crossing my fingers for you & the scholarship! I'm so excited for all of the great things you've got going on right now! Also, that self portrait is beautiful. Hello there Gorgeous!

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