“If you give people a (text) box on the internet they will shit in it and show everyone.”

One of the first things I remember feeling after shattering my arm last spring was fear. When you break your bone as badly as I did there are all sorts of complications that arise, non fusion and nerve damage to name a few.  Not only was I battling a very badly broken arm, I was also battling a pretty torn up muscle, from the compound fracture. I was scared to death that i would never be able to do stuff with my left hand again. I thought I’d lose the ability to knit, and sew and cross-stitch. I knew that keeping to my physical therapy was key. I knew that no matter how sore it made my arm or how much it hurt, I had to keep going. I teared up every day during and after doing my stretches for weeks.  After 3 weeks of flexing and stretching my arm I was able to cross stitch.  7 weeks after I was back on my on my bike. Around that time I started looking up how to sew with one hand and how to knit with one hand. That’s when I found Mel From Singlehanded Knits.  Sewing came first but by september I started knitting. I knit a lot slower than I used to. But I can do it. Watching Mel’s podcast has been one of the biggest motivations to me. 


The title of this post is a quote from an app developer named Marco Arment. He was talking about app store reviews, but I feel that this sums up best why people are doing what they are doing to Mel. I am so angry and heartbroken over why Mel is leaving Podcasting. There is just something so incredibly wrong with someone questioning her injuries. Even more so complaining about not receiving PM or E-mail responses is childish.  Why don’t you for 24 hours try tying your hand behind your back and see how much you can get done in a day. If I’ve learned one thing from my own injury is that you can’t jam pack your life as full as I could before. You have to learn to modulate your expectations and comprise on what is and isn’t important.  My own blog suffered a lot this summer because typing just takes so much time with one hand.. If Mel had been so grateful for viewers. And always so thankful and appreciative I could understand some disappointment. But please just try to put yourself her shoes for a moment. Knitting, creating content for a blog/podcast, keeping up with IRL friends, organizing KAL and VKNs, creating new knitting patterns.  while raising two kids with two working hands would raise anyone to superwomen status in my mind. The fact that she has done all of this with one hand is beyond amazing to me.  The fact that they do this while hiding behind their screens and in secretive cliques is shameful. You women (i refuse to call you ladies) are disgusting. To quote Sam Seaborn of the West Wing. “You know what, guys? When I write something, I sign my name. Here, I’ll show you.”


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 The Podcaster in question should come forward. Hiding behind your computer, minions, is PATHETIC. If you are gonna make such baseless and hurtful comments and accusations, at least have the brass to sign your name to it. Here I’ll show you. 


Dear anonymous podcaster, 

Grow a pair and out yourself, so that your viewers have an honest representation of what a classless and mean spirited person you are. If your identity is ever revealed I will have zero issue with boycotting you and your sponsors. 

Spencer Clark. 


If you are a knitter, Mel is having a Mystery Sweater KAL that starts tomorrow.  If you want to join check it out here


2 thoughts on ““If you give people a (text) box on the internet they will shit in it and show everyone.”

  1. Wow! That just makes me so angry…. I ended up reading her post about the ordeal and it nearly brought me to tears. I shared this at the last meet-up, but it is why I fear success. With success comes all the negative comments! URGH. Thank you for sharing her story.

  2. Yeah, It's been kind of a rough week for the online kniting community. The fact that not only is mean and hurtful it is coming from another podcaster. I don't understand how any one could do that but understand less how someone who put themselves out there in the same way as mel could do this to her.

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