Dairy Is Evil.



I know It’s hard to think of cheese as evil when you are eating that luscious bite of smoked blue cheese on a cracker with a fig. I know at that moment it feels like you’ve died and gone to cheese heaven, or when you have that perfect hollandaise smothering your poached egg at a sunday brunch. But it trust me it’s evil. Last Friday I got the test results from my casein/gluten test and I turns out I am allergic to casein. So as of saturday I have gone cold turkey and given up all dairy and eggs as a matter of fact, because eggs are kind of gross not cooked in butter and slathered in cheese.  This horrible thing started sunday I felt terrible. Body aches, Headaches… it felt like the flu, but with out a runny nose. Turns out It’s dairy withdrawal, I am dead serious. 



Oh Caseomorphin what harsh cruel mistress you are.  If your brain is thinking that the last part of that chemical’s name looks a lot like morphine then you’d be right. Dairy is full of this stuff. It serves a good purpose when we are babies and bonding with our mothers in this sometimes scary new world. It calms us and makes sure we eat. It’s bad when your an adult and you’ve horked down a half a block of cheese and feel blissfully happy. It’s even worse when you are trying to cut cheese out of your diet. For the better part of the last week I’ve wondered if the allergic reactions I have to cheese aren’t better then living with these headaches for the next 2-4 weeks. Seriously this shit sucks, the only thing that is good about it is the fear of ever feeling like this again will keep me on the vegan wagon.  That’s where I’ve been moping about the house with a giant headache, for almost a week! Thankfully I am feeling much better, no on coming head cold feeling and today i didn’t have a headache all day.  The other distressing thing about being a vegan again is most of my favorite vegan blogs have closed up shop. No Novel Eats,  Vegan Yum Yum is totally gone, her domain expired and all her recipes are gone(thank goodness I have her pancake recipe memorized and stored in paprika) Even the Vegan Dad has closed up shop. Thank goodness for the good old PPK and Manfest Vegan. I am thinking about adding a weekly vegan cooking feature to the blog. I’d love to get back into doing food photography and I’d love there to be some more pretty vegan food photos in the world. What do you all think would you like to see some delicious and beautifully styled vegan food? 



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  1. Wow Spencer that sucks, I adore cheese! Once you start feeling better you won't even want cheese anymore. Luckily there are plenty of delicious vegan eats in PDX!

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