Biking in the Cold.


This morning I had a coffee meeting for an upcoming project that I am very excited about. It hasn’t rained in a week here in portland, but I haven’t been riding my bike. I have chickened out because every time I’ve ridden in even slightly cold weather it has been miserable. This morning I took a few minutes to prevent the two things that make me the most miserable, cold hands and cold ears. 

Metropolitan pair 1


First up, I had made a few pairs of these Metropolitan ear muffs before I moved to portland.  I hardly ever wear them.. but as I found out this morning they are perfect for wearing under my helmet! they keep my ears warm and toasty! (seriously let’s have a minute for younger me with black hair.) Someother great options if you don’t want to make something 

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Fellow Portlander Greta Honeycutt sells these lovely ear warmers on etsy for your bike helmet! Seriously cute! 

Brighton g white hunter

Or if you are a super smarty (like my boyfriend) You have a bern helmet with a snap in knit liner! (I just love this white and purple combo!)  Now let’s tackle those cold cold hands. 

20816 zoom1

my go to mittens are these fox cotton mittens, the cotton is warm from the wind but not so warm that my hands sweat inside of them. 

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I plan on making a pair of  these mittens  out of blue sky cotton! As soon as i have an extra minute to spare on them. There are times (like brushing bangs out of my face) that it would be nice to have my fingers be free.


Another good tip that my barista gave me is to layer up a few minutes before you go out side. You get a little hot and uncomfortable in the house but it keeps you warm until your body temp kicks in.  Can’t wait to try this! I hope that you’ll give biking in the cold a try, it’s not as uncomfortable as you think it may be. (your helmet isn’t making your head sweat for once) Plus you get the thrill and the rush of endorphins from riding your bike. Perfect cure for the january/winter blahs! 

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