Hello. I hope you have all had a lovely final weekend of the year and a great NYE! I could not have asks for a better send off to my twenties. I have an outfit post and a big birthday recap for you later this week but I want to do a small review of the 12 with numbers and pictures. 


Lavinia in the afternoon

bikes purchase: 2

I can't stress this enough. Wear your helmets kids! #portland #bikes #nutcasebike crashes:1

Scallop of the sea

object knitted: 12

Sewing review

dresses sewn: 13


skirts sewn 7 



app icons shipped: 2

helping me survive the gloom

Books read: 7


Enjoying the view #sf

Trips to SF 2 


Trips to Seattle : 2


Trips home: 1

Free shipping on my shop all weekend. Use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAYSPENCER

Etsy stores opened: 1 

Hello, 2013

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