The sun was shining so I walked

I’ve done a lot of walking today. The sun was shining it was crisp but not frigid so this morning Collin and I had a coffee date and walked our two little sausages!

Then I strolled over to Albert street to Bolt. I needed pick up fabric for my first hollyburn skirt! (The pattern came in the mail yesterday. I also needed to get pearl cotton and some more voile to make crochet edged scarfs.

How lovely is that fabric! The blanket stitch is so addtictive! i predict a bunch of these in my closet!

So it didn’t really rain today but it sure is nice to have a cute water proof backpack. I love it. (It is totally my favorite christmas present!) It kept my laptop and camera dry last night and today it was light and comfortable for hauling food and fabrics back from Alberta too the house. If you live in portland and are looking for a cute waterproof bag I totally suggest this one.


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