Beehouse: Felt Friends introduces, iPhone cases for 4/4s and 5


 I am so excited to share with you the iPhone cases for the 4/4s and 5. It took some thinking to figure out how to shrink these design down and make them look adorable, all while fitting the newest and older two generations of iPhones. 


 Right now in the shop I have Albert the owl, Vanilla the bear and Felix the Fox.



Archibald is proving to be a bit harder than the rest but I am hoping to come up with a case for him in the coming weeks. So please check them out in the shop! Thanks so much for all of your support of 12 oz Beehouse, the blog and Beehouse the Etsy store. It means so much to me that people come here and read these pages and that my lovely little animal cases are out there in the world making people smile. 





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